Leave the Slime Making to Us!

Making Slime with your kiddos can quickly become a living nightmare and a huge mess in the room. It seems like there’s no stopping the spread of slime glue from those little hands to EVERY. SINGLE. SURFACE. in your room. Not to mention the glitter that gets on your clothes and hair.

If you’ve wanted to have your child make slime but have been holding back due to fear, I’ve got solutions for you!  *Hint, we actually like making slime here at Kristin’s Creative Kids

Don’t like the mess? Don’t Stress! 😉 We have you covered, contact me if you are looking for childcare. would like your child to have professional and loving care during the day while you are at work, call Kristin at 1 (304) 240-5232‬ or contact us online.